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  " is the commercial gaming website. We have design this game based on “aath challas” Ancient Game of India. Who has invented…? We also don’t know, but it’s playing in all over India anciently. Also having many certain name as per the region as below.
This game is called by various names in different languages in different regions.
• Aath Challas – Marathi
• Chauka Baara – Kannada
• Ashta Chemma – Telgu
• Dyootaardha – Sanskrit
• Katte Mane – Kannada
• Taayam / Daayam – Tamil
• Changaabu – Rajasthan
• Kavidi Kali – Malayalam
• Bara Atte – Konkani
• Khaddi Khadda – Panjabi
• Kanna Dudi – Hindi (MP)
We have designed this game on based of “aath challas” but we have done little bit changes in rules & playing structure. We are come across to complete game concept & took a decision to make it better with proper platform.
Play & Earn is a ‘Race Game’ where in four players race their respective identified coins on a board of 5 x 5 squares to reach the inner most square. The movement of coins is controlled by digitally design “Spin” tab; hence it is a game of movement.
Each player has two coins, he can decide which coin to move and hence it also comes under strategic game.
Accordingly players can play game & take enjoy, alternatively generating some of money from the game. This is the game platform with earning. So our motive is Play, Enjoy & Earn.
Benefits :
• This is a game of movement, also involves thinking & planning.
• It also helps in developing counting & strategy skills.
• It is an interesting and fun way to develop decision making process.
Earning Source :
• All 3 Winning Players Will Get 25% Extra Amount On Game Entry Fee.
• You Can Start Your Own Business – Game Café, Game Zone, Indoor Games, Video Game
• You Can Work With Company As Freelancer
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